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Title: Remembering BAPA and way forward
Authors: Chaturvedi, Sachin
Chakrabart, Milindo
Keywords: Buenos Aires Plan of Action (BAPA)
South-south cooperation relevance
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: Instituto Universitario de Desarrollo y Cooperación
Citation: Chaturvedi, Sachin and Chakrabart, Milindo. (December, 2018). Remembering BAPA and way forward. Instituto Universitario de Desarrollo y Cooperación.
Abstract: The Buenos Aires Plan of Action 40th anniversary is getting closer, and the Second United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation to be held in the main city of Argentina would build bridges between critical elements of Sustainable Development Goals and financing, the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the South-South Cooperation. As a consequence, to focus on technical cooperation won’t be enough to maintain South-South cooperation relevance: the BAPA+40 conference has to strategize the role of global South in the emerging structure of global value chains and promote a Southern-led and Southern-focused responsible research and innovation effort.
ISSN: 1137-8875
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