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Title: The disobedient Indian: towards a Gandhian Philosophy of dissent
Authors: Jahanbegloo, Ramin
Keywords: Gandhian Philosophy
Philosophy of resistance
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2018
Publisher: Indian Cultural Forum
Citation: Jahanbegloo, Ramin. (November 11, 2018). The question of questioning is no longer a part of our everyday social and political grammar. [Book review: The disobedient Indian: towards a Gandhian Philosophy of dissent by Ramin Jahanbegloo]. Indian Cultural Forum.
Description: Written by Ramin Jahanbegloo, The Disobedient Indian: Towards a Gandhian Philosophy of Dissent is a book about the history, philosophy and necessity of disobedience. The core idea of Gandhi’s philosophy of resistance, Jahanbegloo argues, is his unshakeable conviction that it is no longer possible to organise political action without disobedience. Democracy, to be worthy of obedience, he says, must be structured so that every citizen can question and disobey unjust laws and institutions. The following is an exceprt from the chapter "The Disobedient Indian".
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