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Title: Can India be a key player in the middle eastern dilemma
Authors: Gupta, Megha
Kavoori, Samarth
Keywords: Strategic diplomacy
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2018
Publisher: Foreign Policy News.
Citation: Gupta, Megha and Kavoori, Samarth. (November 5, 2018). Can India be a key player in the middle eastern dilemma. Foreign Policy News.
Description: The month of October 2018, proved to be a turbulent one globally. Beginning with the deepening of the bilateral sanctions on Iran imposed by the U.S., the murder of the Saudi journalist and the U.S. resident Jamal Kashoggi, the speculations for the mid-term U.S. elections, etc. Due to these events, India has had its own set of problems, which can be tackled through strategic diplomacy.
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