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Title: The east-west encounter: a pedagogical experience.
Authors: Unkule, Kalyani
Keywords: Pedagogical experience
Global education
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Citation: Unkule, Kalyani(2018). The east-west encounter: a pedagogical experience. Annual CAPA Occasional Paper No.7. p.113-118.( Occasional Paper)
Abstract: Globalization has permeated the study of social sciences and been the subject of extensive interdisciplinary investigation. Much attention has been focused on the polemics surrounding its impact—desirable or otherwise. However, there are two developments which have received relatively less attention. Firstly, the study of globalization has had an impact on the very disciplines within which it has been conducted. For instance, it has denationalized history through the emergence of new streams like Global History. Secondly, this research has led us to the realization that globalization is not a phenomenon of recent vintage but in fact has been witnessed in various iterations in the past. This is an important conclusion; being attentive to recurring patterns holds clues to curing the current malaise surrounding the negative fallout of globalization. In the pages that follow, I have shared my experience teaching a course that foregrounded these two aspects, using the familiar rubrics of “East” and “West” as the point of departure.
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