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dc.contributor.authorBatra, Jagdish-
dc.identifier.citationBatra, Jagdish (2018). Coping with the aftermath of Partition: some personal and impersonal narratives. In Marino, Elisabetta and Rogobete, Daniela (ed). The partition of India: beyond improbable lines. England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 9-22.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe imperfect partition of India in 1947 brought about through a devious plan by the departing British colonizers with the help of some self-serving Indian politicians was a cataclysmic event which not only brought the communal cauldron to boil but has also kept it simmering since. The deep division between Hindus and Muslims was one aspect of it, but within the Hindu society too, lines were drawn as a result of the mass migration of people from the areas now in Pakistan. Despite the numerous narratives that have tried to articulate the psychological, social, cultural and political fallout of partition, not many have taken up the plight of the displaced persons. The focus of my paper is on the survival strategies that the migrating Hindus adopted, leaving behind not only their homes and hearths, but also their history. The distancing of the traumatic experience is undone even now through the periodical political machinations that categorize people as “refugees” and the “local”. The source material comes from both -- subjective assessment, since the author of these lines comes from a displaced Hindu family which is also part of a linguistic minority, and various testimonies and impersonal narratives produced by others, since it is believed that the truth must lie somewhere between history, memory and amnesia.en_US
dc.publisherEngland:Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018.en_US
dc.subjectPartition of Indiaen_US
dc.subjectMass migrationen_US
dc.titleCoping with the aftermath of partition: some personal and impersonal narratives.en_US
dc.institutionLanguage Centreen_US
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