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Title: Narayan Lakshman’s Patrons of the Poor.
Authors: Goyal, Yugank
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2012
Citation: Goyal, Yugank (2012). [Review of book: Lakshman, Narayan. Patrons of the Poor Caste Politics and Policy Making in India]. Seminar Vol 633.
Abstract: Narayan Lakshman’s multi-disciplinary and rigorous work builds a compelling case for situating caste politics in the matrix of policymaking processes in the country through dissecting the polity in Tamil Nadu (TN) and Karnataka (KR). The book seeks to resolve complicated questions concerning divergent patterns of state performance in their poverty alleviation/redistributive policies by looking extensively at caste politics and its impact in carving out pro-poor (or anti-poor) policies.
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