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Title: Corporate governance and Informal Institutions: a closer look at BRICS economies
Authors: Goyal, Yugank
Keywords: Corporate Governance: role of informal institutions
corporate governance-BRICS
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2014
Citation: Goyal, Yugank. (2014). Corporate governance and Informal Institutions: a closer look at BRICS economies. Jindal Global Law Review, Vol 5 No 1: 135-159
Abstract: This article attempts to explore the divergence between the corporate governance on paper and on the ground in non-Western societies.In doing so, it excavates the role of informal institutions in the practice of corporate governance. Through a comparative study of BRICS economies, the article argues that variables pertaining to informal social norms (articulated in the histories and culture of societies) are crucial to explaining the emergence of rather peculiar models of corporate governance.
ISSN: 0978-2498
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