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Title: Making of South Asia's minorities: a diplomatic history, 1947-52
Authors: Raghavan, Pallavi
Keywords: Minority Rights
partition of india
Issue Date: 21-May-2016
Publisher: Engage
Citation: Raghavan, Pallavi. (2016). Making of South Asia's minorities: a diplomatic history, 1947-52. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 51 No 21: 45-52
Abstract: In April 1950, the prime ministers of India and Pakistan met in Delhi to sign the landmark inter-dominion agreement known as the Nehru-Liaquat Pact, according to which India and Pakistan would be accountable to one another for the treatment of minorities in their countries. This agreement was the outcome of a mutual necessity for both governments to regulate the unchecked movement of minority population across the border, which led them into an unlikely--though nonetheless structurally integral--position of compromise and dialogue. In order to grapple with the phenomenon of cross-border movement of minorities, the two governments had to enter into a series of bilateral dialogues about how this could be regulated, and synchronised for both sides.
ISSN: 2349-8846
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