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Title: Growth without development?: a reflection on rising gender inequality in India
Authors: Mohan, Deepanshu
Keywords: Women’s well-being
Gender Development
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2017
Publisher: South Asia Democratic Forum
Citation: SADF Comment 90, June 03, 2017: 1-12
Abstract: Economic well-being secured without expanded means to social justice exacerbates levels of social inequality in any developing economy. Ensuring basic entitlements of well-being goes beyond the achievement of any pre-identified threshold of income accumulation or material well-being, lying within the scope of opportunities and capabilities created for sovereigns of a developing economy. The need to put well-being of human beings (women and men) at the centre of development policy and social intervention in modern economics was conceptually developed by Sen in his original work on “capability approach” (Sen 1985, 1992, 1999, 2001). While Sen developed a multidimensional understanding of well-being (seeing it beyond an accumulation of income, consumption, wealth) in a freedom-based developmental approach (Mohan 2017), this essay seeks to contextualise his theoretical framework in understanding and addressing the exacerbating nature of gender inequality in India today. In understanding the nature of social policy-related intervention warranted by the state (and non-state actors), I seek to expand Sen’s freedom-based developmental approach, in enhancing the well-being and agency aspect of women freedom. The essay, further reflects on the current status on rising gender inequality in India, highlighting some key causal factors in form of: a fall in female-male labour force participation rate; rise in intra-household inequality; rise in crime against women; etc.
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