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Title: The judicial scrutiny of environmental risk and the legislative scheme of the Water Act: A Comment
Authors: John, Mathew
Keywords: Water Act, Risk, Supreme Court,
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2017
Citation: Socio Legal
Abstract: Over the last half century, India has developed a vast body of environmental laws covering concerns that relate to environmental justice, pollution control, land use regulation, natural resource regulation, impact assessment, energy regulation and a host of other related areas. This framework of regulation is by and large premised on strong public intervention, often by way of statute, to address pressing and emerging environmental threats and pivots on technical expert management of expected values and probable risks. Consequently, no evaluation of Indian environment law can escape examination of the legislative and administrative schemes that assess and manage expected risks as also their ability to do so in a manner that is democratic and representative. Against this background, this paper presents risk management as key conceptual framework to understand Indian environment law and illustrates the significance of this framework through the example of the regulation pollution risks under the scheme of the Water Act.
Description: Forth Coming: author manuscript
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