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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2021Vaccination : A national dutyMehrotra, Abhinav; Gupta, Biswanath
29-Jan-2021Vaccine diplomacy is India’s finest hourChaulia, Sreeram
22-Nov-2019Validating a destructive measurement system using Gauge R&R — A case studySharma, Mithun; Sahni, S.P.; Sharma, Shilpi
3-Dec-2020Validating motivated strategies for learning questionnaire and invariance test across gender and caste groups in IndiaMaun, Deepak; Shukla, Kathan Dushyant; Chand, Vijaya Sherry
2018Validation of Hindi Translated Scales on Grit, Resilience and Well-beingSingh, Kamlesh; Junnarkar, Mohita; Mitra, Shambhovi
25-Feb-2021The value of vagueness: A feminist analysisChadha Sridhar, Ira
5-Sep-2019Vatican diplomacy can help Sri Lanka leverage its strengthsFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
May-2020Veganism – A Business Opportunity or Just a Fleeting Fad: A Study Using Social Media AnalyticsSharma, Gunjan Mohan; Chauhan, Sanjeev
1-Dec-2011A vendor managed two-echelon inventory system for an integrated production procurement caseSingh, Abhijeet; Koul, Saroj; Agrawal, Anil Kumar; BHU; JGBS; BHU
2-Dec-2009Vendor selection and uncertaintyVerma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj; Govindan, Kannan; JGBS; NITIE, Mumbai, India; University of Southern Denmark
Jun-2018Venezuelan refugee crisis and role of Brazilian Solidarity.Araujo Ayoobi, Thayana Marques
15-Jan-2022Venomous TimesMehrotra, Abhinav
31-Dec-2009Verdict on an HIV case, Supreme Court of India reproduced in MedhinaMedhini, Laya; Jain, Dipika; Gonzalves, Colin
31-Dec-2016Vernacular nations: Westphalia and the many lives of states in AsiaSingh, Prabhakar; Jindal Global Law School
14-Oct-2015Vicarious trauma and safety protocols for sensitive feminist researchNakray, Keerty
31-Dec-2016Vicissitudes of women’s inheritance right: England, Canada and India at the dawn of 21st centuryMishra, Archana; Jindal Global Law School
13-Aug-2020Victim Compensation For Wrongful Prosecution/Conviction-Indian Judiciary Yet To EvolveGangwar, Shivangi; Parekh, Manan
9-Sep-2021Victims at the heart of international criminal justiceUma, Saumya
31-Dec-2016Victims' assistance in India- suggesting legislative reform: a comprehensive comparative policy reviewSahni, Sanjeev P.; Palit, Manjushree; Dhanda, Astha; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences
2018Victory For the hawks Trump’s sacking of Rex Tillerson portends further turmoil in US-Iran relations.Jahanbegloo, Ramin