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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-2020UK, Soft Power and Indo-PacificMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
19-Dec-2018The UN security council and responsibility to protect as global approach to prevent mass atrocitiesPopovski, Vesselin
5-Mar-2019(Un)Tackling the monkey manaceBatra, Jagdish
10-Feb-2020Un-Indian, copied: 70 years on, Constitution is still attacked because we have failed itBhaskar, Anurag
31-Dec-2012Un-veiling equality: disciplining the other woman through human rights discourseKapur, Ratna
1-Jul-2020The (Un?)Enforceability of Investor Rights in Indian Private EquityMajumdar, Arjya
30-Jan-2019The uncertainties of the average Indian voterMohan, Deepanshu
4-Aug-2018Undeclared ApartheidMuralidharan, Sukumar
29-Dec-2020Under Joe Biden, status quo on trade policy?Bose, Avirup; Nedumpara, James J
3-Mar-2019Under Modi, the 'New' India prioritizes aggression and prizes Israel's exampleJangid, Khinvraj
Oct-2019Under siege, againMuralidharan, Sukumar
12-May-2021Under the spell of SARS‐CoV‐2: A closer look at the sociopolitical dynamicsKhetrapal, Neha; Khera, Gunjan
1-Jan-2019Understanding adoption factors of over-the-top video services among millenial consumersDasgupta, Sabyasachi; Grover, Priya
2017Understanding attribution bias and reasons behind internet infidelity in IndiaSahni, Sanjeev P; Jain, Garima
14-Feb-2021Understanding Chinese media censorship: From Ming to JinpingMishra, Vatsala; Polcumpally, Arun Teja
Nov-2021Understanding choice behavior towards plastic consumption: An emerging market investigationKautish, Pradeep; Sharma, Rajesh; Kumar Mangla, Sachin; Jabeen, Fauzia; Awan, Usama
31-Dec-2017Understanding digital piracy through the lens of psychosocial, criminological and cultural factorsSahni, Sanjeev P; Jain, Garima; Gupta, Indranath
10-Mar-2021Understanding domestic violence in India during COVID-19: A routine activity approachKrishnakumar, Akshaya; Verma, Shankey; O. P. Jindal Global University
23-Aug-2020Understanding Emerging Markets - Fall 2020Jindal Global Buiness School
2-Jun-2020Understanding Fashion as Culture: The case of Hugo BossMalhotra, Ankit