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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2021M. Chinna Karuppasamy v. Kanimozhi: The case that has triggered the debate on maintenanceMahaseth, Harsh
2017M2M and GSM are indispensible for IoT-enabled rural developmentBharadwaj, Ashish; Goyal, Richa
31-Dec-2012Macbeth’s three witches: capitalism, common good, and international lawSingh, Prabhakar; JGLS
7-Aug-2020Macroeconomics II - Fall 2020Jindal School of Government and Public Policy; Damodaran, Nikhil
31-Dec-2015Macroeconomics of "Oil Prics" and "Economic Shocks": lessons from the 1970sMohan, Deepanshu; Jindal School of International Affairs
31-Jul-2021Madras High Court order on ‘right to be forgotten’: Analysis and critiqueShrivastava, Anujay
16-Aug-2021Madras High Court says that there is no 'right to be forgotten' against court decisionsShrivastava, Anujay
2-Oct-2020Mahatma Gandhi A special display of eBooks Book and VideosGlobal Library
1-Oct-2019Mahatma Gandhi : A special display of books and videosGlobal Library
3-May-2020Mahinda Rajapaksa : 50th Millstone in Sri Lankan PoliticsFernando, Srimal
31-Dec-2016Major concerns in Indian English fiction 2011-2015Batra, Jagdish
Apr-2019The majoritarian challenge and an Ambedkarite remedyMuralidharan, Sukumar
30-Jan-2019Make America 2016 againKanahalli, Vijeth
13-Jan-2021Making America Grate AgainMuralidharan, Sukumar
31-Dec-2015Making claims to tradition: poetics and politics in the works of young Maithil paintersSingh, Mani Shekhar; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
5-Oct-2016Making meaning of the virginity experience: young men's perceptions in the United StatesPalit, Manjushree; Allen, Katherine. R.
15-May-2015Making of Indian diplomacy: a critique of eurocentrismDatta-Ray, Deep K
2015The making of Indian diplomacy: a critique of Eurocentrism' reviewed in the news on Sunday (Pakistan)Datta-Ray, Deep K
15-Nov-2018Making of modern Maldives: a look at Maumoon GayoomFernando, Srimal
21-May-2016Making of South Asia's minorities: a diplomatic history, 1947-52Raghavan, Pallavi