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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020A Laboratory for a Composite India ? Jamia Millia Islamia around the time of partitionGautier, Laurence
5-Aug-2020Labour Law II- Fall 2020Jindal Global Law School; Rajaram, Sawmiya
27-Apr-2020Lack of Strategic Reserve Leaves India Dry in a Slumping Crude Oil MarketBiswal, Sabyasachi
Oct-2019Laila Ashrafun, Women and domestic violence in Bangladesh: seeking a way out of the cage [Book review]Mandal, Saptarshi
23-Mar-2019Lamb, peacock and mill: How a bunch of career clerks sitting in Company headquarters in London, who never visited India, managed to create an empire in writingChatterjee, Arup K.
2-Jun-2014Land issues then and now in India: New challenges and policy dilemmasSaha, Partha; Mehrotra, Santosh
31-Dec-2017Land law and limits on the Right to Property: historical, comparative and international analysisSudarshan, Ramaswamy
11-Mar-2021Landmark Malaysian LGBTQ case could impact same-sex, gender-neutral conduct legalizationMahaseth, Harsh
28-Feb-2020Language End Term Exam Semester - A, Nov. - Dec. - 2019Examination Office
29-Oct-2021Language End Term Exam Semester - B, May - June 2021Examinations Office
17-Nov-2021Language Re-sit Exam Semester - B, May - June 2021Examinations Office
14-Feb-2021The Lankan prison protests: A critique of the government’s responseMahaseth, Harsh; Mishra, Aditi
20-Feb-2017Lapses in monitoringChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
31-Dec-2017Last of the megaherbivoresRosencranz, Armin
Jun-2021Lateral inventory share-based models for IoT-enabled E-commerce sustainable food supply networksYetkin Ekren, Banu; Mangla, Sachin Kumar; Eroglu Turhanlar, Ecem; Kazancoglu, Yigit; Li, Guo
23-Aug-2020Law and Practice of Environment Litigation - Fall 2020Jindal Global Law School; Singh, Krittika
1-Aug-2014The Law and Practice of International PeacekeepingJindal Global Law School; Griffin, Elizabeth Ann
7-Aug-2020Law and Practice of the United Nations - Fall 2020Jindal Global Law School; Singh, Krittika
8-Feb-2019Law in theory and history: new essays on a neglected dialogue edited by Maksymilian Del Mar and Michael LobbanSwaminathan, Shivprasad
2-Jun-2019Law lacks bite to tackle cyberbullyingChaudhary, Vishavjeet