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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2018Dayton Peace Accord 23 Years On: Ensured Peace and Stability in Former YugoslaviaFernando, Srimal
9-Jun-2020(De) Valuing DignityBaruah, Pritam
10-May-2018De-inventing the wheel: Liquidated damages, penalties and the Indian contract act, 1872Swaminathan, Shivprasad
23-Sep-2015De-mythologizing peacekeepingPopovski, Vesselin
Jun-2019Deadwood in Haryana Colleges and UniversitiesBatra, Jagdish
Apr-2018The deal breaker.Jahanbegloo, Ramin
5-Jan-2021Dear Indian filmmakers, stop showing dalits & minorities as ‘weak’Mehrotra, Abhinav
23-Sep-2018The death of the ObituaryJayaram, Rahul
-Death penalty no deterrence.Chaudhary, Vishavjeet
14-Mar-2020The Death Penalty: Perspectives from India and BeyondSahni, Sanjeev P.; Junnarkar, Mohita
3-Aug-2015Debating Constitutional GovernmentFewsmith, Joseph
1-Sep-2017Debating Tribe and Nation: Hutton, Thakkar, Ambedkar and Elwin (1920s-1940s)Tewari, Saagar; JSLH
31-Dec-2015Debating tribe and nation: Hutton, Thakkkar, Ambedkar and Elwin (1920s-1940s)Tewari, Saagar; JSLH; Jindal School of Liberal Arts
31-May-2020A Decade of Nation Building: Infrastructure Development in Post War Sri LankaFernando, Srimal
Apr-2019Decentering the suffrage discourseMahanta, Upasana
28-May-2020A decentralized growth model for statesMohan, Deepanshu
31-Dec-2014Decision to release Rajiv Gandhi's assassinsSudhir, Abhishek; Jindal Global Law School
30-Oct-2019A decision-making model for supplier selection in Indian pharmaceutical organizationsGanguly, Anirban; Kumar, Chitresh; Chatterjee, Debdeep
2018Decoding India’s Budget 2018: Hope and promise sans reality?Mohan, Deepanshu
21-Nov-2017Decoding Myanmar’s 2015 electionKipgen, Nehginpao