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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2021Critical success factors influencing artificial intelligence adoption in food supply chainsDora, Manoj; Kumar, Ashwani; Kumar Mangla, Sachin; Pant, Abhay; Mustafa Kamal, Muhammad
9-Sep-2020Critical success factors of Industry 4.0 in automotive manufacturing industryBhatia, Manjot Singh; Kumar, Saurabh
Apr-2018Critical to segregate waste.Puri, Kamakshi; Rosencranz, Armin
26-Aug-2020A Critical Understanding Of NASSCOM AI Policy ReportPolcumpally, Arun Teja
30-Jun-2019Critically evaluating SWIFT’s strategy as a monopoly in the fintech businessDasgupta, Sabyasachi; Grover, Priya
4-Sep-2020Criticism, Tolerance And Trolling — The New Democracy Of InternetSrivastava, Vatsalya
27-Sep-2021A critique of amendments to the juvenile justice act in IndiaMahaseth, Harsh; Gupta, Nishtha
4-May-2021A critique of western research methodology: The usage of citationsTiwari, Yashowardhan
May-2020Crop Yield and DemocracyAng, James B; Fredriksson, Per G; Gupta, Satyendra Kumar
13-Jul-2017A cross-national study of therapists' perceptions and experiences of premature dropout from therapyChen, Ruoxi; Piercy, Fred. P; Huang, Wei-jen; Jaramillo-Sierra, Ana. L; Karimi, Hasan; Palit, Manjushree; Martosudarmo, Catherine; Antonio, Angelito
6-Aug-2020The Crow-flight of The New York TimesSingh, Prabhakar
27-May-2019The crucial role of new development bank in the future of BRICSVazquez, Karin Costa
17-Mar-2021Cruise tourism in India: Sailing into troubled watersManoharan, Deepika; James, Stella
16-Aug-2018CSR & SDGs: A match made in heavenLahiri, Amit
22-Jul-2021Cultivating inter-faith faithBatra, Jagdish
24-Jul-2020Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga In The West — What Layla Saad’s Claim Tells Us About Our Inherent BiasesSrivastava, Vatsalya
Jun-2020Cultural imperialism: An underpinning in the Hindu succession actKambhampati, Aniruddha; O. P. Jindal Global University
25-Jan-2018Cultural institutions in new technology: Evidence from internet infidelityGoyal, Yugank; Ramanujam, Padmanabha; Sridhar, Sriya
Jun-2019The cultural landscape of Hindutva & other essays: Historical legitimacy of an ideaDey, Saumya
31-Dec-2014Cultural liminality in Jhumpa Lahiri's the NamesakeBatra, Jagdish