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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2020Afghanistan: Society & Politics - Fall 2020Jindal School of International Affairs; Daud, Bilquees
28-Aug-2021Afghanistan’s boiling alphabet soup of terrorist groupsChaulia, Sreeram
May-2018Afghanistan’s economic empowerment must not be impeded by US Iran decision.Shanti, Neelapu
Jan-2016Afghanistan’s ethno-political challenges: A case for federal arrangementsSharma, Raghav
20-Oct-2018Afghanistan’s parliamentary election: rise of the youthKhan Ayoobi, Eisa
Jun-2018Afghanistan’s transcending tribal elites are mocking democracy.Khan, Ayoobi, Eisa
2017The Afrazul killing video as a perfect anti-Muslim crimeBilal, Maaz Bin
19-Jun-2020Afrazul’s murder: Law and love jihadSharma, Ajita
25-Feb-2019African development bank: making a big difference in AfricaFernando, Srimal
26-Feb-2019After Javad Zarif's exit, where does Iran stand?Jahanbegloo, Ramin
9-Jan-2021After the Trumpian deluge, What?Chaulia, Sreeram
8-May-2020Afterlives of Partition: citizenship and legal belongingsSen, Jhuma
31-Dec-2015Aftermath of 2008 financial crisis on oil pricesSeghal, Neha; Pandey, Krishan Kumar
20-Dec-2017Agenda of the 18th Library Committee meetingGlobal Library
8-Jan-2019Agenda of the 19th Library Committee meetingGlobal Library
25-Nov-2020Agenda of the 20th Library Committee meetingGlobal Library
19-Oct-2009Agenda of the 2nd Library Committee meetingGlobal Library
Dec-2009Agenda of the 6th Library Committee meetingGlobal Library
21-Jan-2010Agenda of the 7th Library Committee meetingGlobal Library
Jan-2019Agents’ Behavior in Crisis: Can Quantum Decision Modeling Be a Better Answer?Patra, Sudip