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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2017Can India achieve the SDG goal on ensuring health and well-being?Contractor, Sana; Khanna, Renu; Mukhopadhyay, Indranil
5-Nov-2018Can India be a key player in the middle eastern dilemmaGupta, Megha; Kavoori, Samarth
14-Feb-2020Can institutions of higher learning help in creating a sustainable future?Raj Kumar, C.
15-Apr-2020Can Modi govt ask companies not to sack workers due to Covid crisis or should firms decide?Dawer, Aashita
5-Jan-2020Can national infrastructure pipeline revive the economy?Mohan, Deepanshu
5-Jan-2020Can NIP revive the economy?Mohan, Deepanshu
1-Sep-2019Can shifting capitals shape urban development?Maini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
25-Jul-2018Can the BRICS propose a new development paradigm?Vazquez, Karin
6-Jul-2019Can the Budget push boost electric car market?Parekh, Avirat
8-Oct-2018Can the Indian judicial system of appointment serve as a role model for the U.S. judiciary?Gupta, Megha
19-Feb-2020Can the Iran nuclear deal be rescued?Maini, Tridivesh Singh
17-Oct-2018Can Trump Halt China’s Rise to the Top?Chaulia, Sreeram
16-Jan-2018Can Verge dethrone Bitcoin as crypto king?Bakshi, Nirav
31-Dec-2012Can we blame the climate of an organization for the stress experience by employees?Sahni, Sanjeev P.; Kumar, Vaijayanthee; JIBS; IIT, Chennai
3-Nov-2020Cannabis: The other prohibitionGautam, Khagesh; Tiwari, Yashowardhan
31-Dec-2009Captive subjects: gender, intimate violence and the crises of international human rights interventionsSircar, Oishik; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
27-Apr-2020Car Rentals’ Knowledge and Customer ChoiceKoul, Saroj; CSN Venkata, Datta; Rakesh, Verma
19-Nov-2019The care and transport of trauma victims by layperson emergency medical systems: a qualitative study in Delhi, India. BMJ Global Health. 2019;4:e001963.Bhalla, Kavi; Sriram, Veena; Arora, Radhika; Ahuja, Richa; Varghese, Mathew; Agrawal, Girish; Tiwari, Geetam; Mohan, Dinesh
22-Apr-2020Careers in LawRaj Kumar, C.
2017Case comment: The highway liquor ban case: State of Tamil Nadu v. K. Balu & othersTandon, Satyam; O. P. Jindal Global University