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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-2021Trade multilateralism at riskRanjan, Prabhash
31-Dec-2011Trade policy development report on China 2011Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws (CITEL), Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2012Trade-off theory vs pecking order theory revisited: evidence from IndiaSingh, Priyanka; Kumar, Brajesh
18-May-2020Trans Pacific Partnership in the post-covid worldMaini, Tridivesh Singh
27-Apr-2021Trans-sexuality right a new era of challenge at 21st century of sportsChanda, Subhrajit; Singh, Avinash
7-Oct-2017The transfer of Jodhpur railways, 1947–48: denials, delays and divisionsAnkit, Rakesh
13-Feb-2019Transformation of Africa: comparison of regional economic integration between South Asia and Southern African nationsFernando, Srimal
-Transformational leadership and knowledge sharing behavior in freelancers: A moderated mediation model with employee engagement and social supportYADAV, MOHIT
1-Feb-2021The transformative constitution: A Radical Biography in Nine Acts by Gautam Bhatia [Book Review]Gangwar, Shivangi; Chaudhary, Vishavjeet
-Transformative spiritual school leadership for inclusive educationMukherjee, Mousumi; IIHEd
Jan-2017Transforming Culture: Myth-Fiction Interface in the Indian ContextBatra, Jagdish
11-Oct-2018Transition from War to Peace: National Unity remains a durable solution for Sri LankaFernando, Srimal
31-Dec-2013Transitional justice across continentsPopovski, Vesselin; Serrano, Monica
1-Dec-2021Transitioning to an obese India: Demographic and structural determinants of the rapid rise in overweight incidenceAiyar, Anaka; Dhingra, Sunaina; Pingali, Prabhu
23-Aug-2020Transnatinal Organized Crime - Fall 2020Jindal School of International Affairs; Cutrona, Sebastian A.
Oct-2020Transnational contracts and their performance during the COVID-19 crisis: Reflections from IndiaKhanderia, Saloni
12-Jan-2021Travails of ASHA workers during COVID-19 call for renewed focus on public healthMohan, Deepanshu; Mistry, Jignesh; Singh, Advaita; Mishra, Sunanda; Agarwal, Shivani
14-May-2019Travel advisory: Sri Lanka open to African touristsFernando, Srimal; Bhana, Kirtan
1-Aug-2018Travelling together but differently: Comparing variations in public transit user mode choice attributes across New Delhi and New YorkKumar, Chitresh; Ganguly, Anirban
3-May-2019The treatment of religious attire by courts and international fora reveals the need for new justifications for religious freedom beyond personal autonomySinghi, Yash