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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2021Theorising ‘group dignity’ as a constitutional valueTiwari, Yashowardhan
26-Jun-2020Theorizing the Ordinary in Fiction: An Exploration of Sub-continental ‘Muslim Novels’Khan, Mosarrap
Jun-2018Theory of vested interest: fallacy of public interestAgarwal, Rohan; O. P. Jindal Global University
31-Jul-2017There are no easy answers when it comes to India’s right to privacyChaudhary, Vishavjeet
11-Dec-2019There is huge potential in Australia’s education relationship with IndiaStar, Shaun; Raj Kumar, C
13-May-2019There is much more to JNU than left politics for a hindi-medium studentJangid, Khinvraj
Jun-2018There is no winner in the ICC-Duterte tussleKipgen, Nehginpao; Gupta, Sahima
2018There's a good case.Kaushik, Arun Kumar
20-Jun-2021There’s hope for rural North IndiaJayaram, Rahul
23-Sep-2017Thinking KashmirVisvanathan, Shiv
1-Oct-2018Thinking with Gandhi : the wager of future generationsJahanbegloo, Ramin
5-Jun-2021Third party funding in international arbitrationChauhan, Prakhar Narain Singh; Clarke, Henry
1-Apr-2019The third pillar: Incubating civic nationalism (Book review)Mohan, Deepanshu
1-Sep-2020Thiruvanathapuram international airport privatisation : Getting RoFR rightChandel, Shivangi; Chandrasekhar, S.
11-Feb-2021The ‘thorns’ that still afflict India’s economyMohan, Deepanshu
12-Sep-2021The thought processes on a private university campusJangid, Khinvraj
3-Mar-2021Threats to migratory birdsAshirita, Dewan; Chowdhury, Abhiroop; Rosencranz, Armin
31-Mar-2020Three big questions after a week’s lockdownMohan, Deepanshu
26-Jan-2019Three fallacies of international criminal justice – part one & twoRaman, Rashmi
30-Jan-2019Three fallacies of international criminal justice – part threeRaman, Rashmi