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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jun-2020The Normative Unconscious Nature of IslamophobiaJovita, Maria
31-Dec-2009Norms of war in cross-religious perspectiveReichberg, Gregory M; Turner, Nicholas; Popovski, Vesselin
11-Jul-2021North American heatwave a warning to the worldSingh, Govind; Rosencranz, Armin
31-Dec-2011North Korea's nationalist discourse: a critical interpretationCho, Young Chul
13-Mar-2019Norway-Sri Lanka diplomacy: trade beyond aid as a pragmatic approach for future collaborationFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
2018Norwegian Foreign Relations Growing Stronger with India and its Southern neighbours.Fernando, Srimal; Malik, Vineet
31-Dec-2016Nostalgia of values: Popular depictions of care crisis towards ageing parents in IndiaDey, Deblina; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2017Not a place, but a project: Bandung, TWAIL, and the Aesthetics of thirdnessKanwar, Vik
27-Dec-2019Not just equality, the CAA betrays constitutional values of dignity, integrityBaruah, Pritam
14-Oct-2019A not so clean accountMuralidharan, Sukumar
1-Jan-2021The (not-so) protectionist Criminal Procedure Code of 1973Choudhary, Tanisha; O. P. Jindal Global University
1-Jun-2021A note on boardroom challenge, board effectiveness and corporate stewardship during COVID-19Kaur, Manmeet; Malik, Kunjana; Sharma, Sakshi
21-Dec-2017Note on History of psychology in India: problems and prospectsSinha, Chetan
2017A note on the neglected issue of reverse patent holdupBharadwaj, Ashish
14-Jan-2021A note on the presidential insurrectionJaiswal, Raunaq
2018Notes on unlearning: Our feminisms, their childhoodsSarkar, Oishik; Dutta, Debolina
31-Dec-2014Notes towards a theory of implied powers in Indian constitutional lawSagar, Arun; Jindal Global Law School
22-Nov-2018Nothing ‘Mere’ to it: reclaiming subjective accounts of normativity of lawSwaminathan, Shivprasad
Mar-2019Now You See It, Now You Don'tMuralidharan, Sukumar
Oct-2015NPHR Ahlawat resp wk5Davis, Michael C.