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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2020List of Publishers in Ebsco Collection ManagerEBSCO
4-Aug-2020List of Subscribed Kindle BooksGlobal Library
26-May-2020Literature and film: an alternative archive of the Partition of IndiaKhan, Mosarrap
26-Sep-2019Live and Let Live-InChaudhary, Shraddha
31-Dec-2013Living with cyber insecurityChaulia, Sreeram Sundar
6-Aug-2020Lobbying regulation in India and Brazil: comparative pluralistic and elite perspectivesPereira, Alexandre; Nakray, Keerty
2018Local and global congeries shaping educational administration in IndiaMukherjee, Mousumi; Kumar, Suresh
29-Sep-2018Local to RegionalMuralidharan, Sukumar
1-Oct-2020Local Working Requirements In The Patents Act, 1970: A Critical AnalysisBansal, Sakshat; Vajpeyi, Ananya
31-Dec-2017Localization of FDI flows: evidence on infrastructure as a critical determinantChakrabarti, Rajesh; Subramanian, Krishnamurthy; Meka, Sesha
May-2020Locating a right to "dignity of religious denominations : the curious case of Sabarimala templeTiwari, Yashowardhan; O. P. Jindal Global University
26-Mar-2020A lockdown is the health response to fight coronavirus, but where is the economic plan?Mohan, Deepanshu; Bhattacharjee, Ayona
19-Jun-2020A Lockdown's Ripple Effects on Farming in Haryana Over the Last 2 MonthsMohan, Deepanshu; Yadav, Niharika
10-Jun-2021Locked down by the pandemic, culturally important nomadic communities struggle to surviveMohan, Deepanshu; Mistry, Jignesh; Singh, Advaita; Shah, Vanshika; Ayreen, Sarah
17-Apr-2020Locking out the Working Poor: India's Inadequate Response to Covid-19's Economic CrisisAnand, Ishan; Thampi, Anjana
-The logics and realms of small town territories: the story of TiruchengodeRaman, Bhuvaneswari
6-Sep-2021Londoners face the wrath of nature as intense flooding shatters the global city’s infrastructureMahaseth, Harsh; Vanshika, Agrawal
25-Jan-2020The long and the short of Uttar PradeshJayaram, Rahul
8-Apr-2020The long read: What next for the US–Taliban ‘peace deal’?Sharma, Raghav
20-May-2020Long run commonality in Indian stocks: empirical evidence from national stock exchange of IndiaKumar, Gaurav; Misra, Arun Kumar