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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Islam is part of european cultural heritage.Jahanbegloo, Ramin
17-Jan-2020Israel is in crisis: This time, it has no one else to blameJangid, Kavinraj
2-Sep-2021Israel's colonisation of Palestine and the pursuit of international justiceUma, Saumya
23-Jun-2021Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From the Eyes of ChildrenMehrotra, Abhinav
31-Dec-2015Issues of state consent and international humanitarian assistance in disasters: work of the International Law CommissionPatnaik, Dabiru Sridhar; Jindal Global Law School
16-Jan-2020It is a huge mistake to dismiss the opposition to CAA as anti-national, anti-Hindu or anti-democraticRaj Kumar, C.
19-May-2019It's about social justice, not welfare: reservation must be based on a rigorous identification of economic backwardnessShariff, Abusaleh; Bhat, Mohsin Alam
3-Jul-2020It's immoral to use the army & the police to crush civilian protestsGangwar, Shivangi
13-Apr-2020Italy – Sri Lanka Ties: Coronavirus Creates Uncertainties about Economic DiplomacyFernando, Srimal; Rathnayake, Yashodha Jayathmi
25-Apr-2021Its own enemy: The Indian stateJayaram, Rahul
19-Nov-2018It’s just a joke! the payoffs and perils of microcelebrity in IndiaPande, Rukmini
29-Apr-2021It’s time to decisively shift the overton windowTiwari, Yashowardhan
11-Jun-2016‘I’ll have one customised baby, please, thank You’Maheshwari, Namrata; O. P. Jindal Global University
3-Jan-2021Jaitley’s jugaad, Bedi’s dissentJayaram, Rahul
23-Oct-2018Jamal Khashoggi's tragic end is a wake-up call about the dangers faced by dissidents in exile.Chaulia, Sreeram
23-Feb-2019Jamshedpur: the city of steelChatterjee, Arup K
1-Jan-2017Janata party (1974–77): Creation of an all-India oppositionAnkit, Rakesh
30-Jul-2019Japan-South Korea feud: Economic and geo-political ramificationsMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
15-Apr-2018Japanese and the European approach for facilitating future licensing in standard essential patentsBharadwaj, Ashish
31-Dec-2015Jayaprakash Narayan, Indian national congress and party politics, 1934–1954Ankit, Rakesh; Jindal Global Law School