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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2017How government is throttling civil society by cancelling FCRA licences of NGOPhadkule, Pratik
26-Nov-2019How governments promote monopolies: Public procurement in IndiaGoyal, Yugank
1-Apr-2020How has COVID-19 impacted maritime business in AsiaKipgen, Nehginpao; Malhotra, Ankit
18-Nov-2020How I created my own bubble of clean indoor air amid the toxic Delhi smogHaritas, Kaveri
20-Nov-2020How ideas are born through researchShukla, Richa
29-Sep-2017How inclusive has been our growth?Chaudhuri, Sriroop
2015How India became Territorial: Foreign Policy, Diaspora, Geopolitics [Book Review].Maini, Tridivesh Singh
15-Dec-2018How India fuelled slavery with the export of cottonChatterjee, Arup K.
23-Sep-2018How India has successfully avoided falling for Pakistani overturesChaulia, Sreeram
20-Nov-2019How Industry 4.0 can help India achieve its strategic objectives?Dhaundiyal, Mayank
10-Aug-2021How mandatory corporate social responsibility can help governments with development goalsSodhi, Manmohan; Kumar, Chitresh; Ganguly, Anirban
2-Mar-2019How Modi shifted the India-Pakistan paradigmChaulia, Sreeram
26-Jul-2016How NRDWP is faring in West BengalChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi; Monga, Shreya
11-Mar-2021How nuclear energy can provide solution to India’s power demandChowdhury, Abhiroop; Naz, Aliya
16-Oct-2018How Satyagraha still drives change globallyJahanbegloo, Ramin
5-Oct-2020How serious is serious enough? Understanding arbitrability of fraud in IndiaBari, Shourya; Srivastava, Anujay
5-Jun-2019How should the Indian economy move beyond producing what the top 10% consume?Mohan, Deepanshu
11-Jun-2019How status-seeking states can cooperate: explaining India-China rapprochement after the Doklam standoffChao, Xie
22-Mar-2021How strangers came together during the pandemicShukla, Richa; Nath, Dalorina
14-Feb-2020How the injuries of modern love are redefining India’s ideas of traditional marriageBhandari, Parul