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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2020Equity markets under a spell of irrational exuberanceMohan, Deepanshu
9-Jan-2020ESEAP: ECC based secure and efficient mutual authentication protocol using smart cardKumari, Adesh; Jangirala, Srinivas; Abbasi, M. Yahya; Kumar, Vinod; Alam, Mansaf
7The Essential Elements of Corporate Law: What is Corporate Law?Armour, John
30-Jul-2013The Essential Elements of Corporate Law: What is Corporate Law?Armour, John
Nov-2020Establishing a Foothold Abroad: India and its Arctic StancePolcumpally, Arun Teja
15-Sep-2020Establishing Patterns of the Urban Transport Flows Functioning On Urban Network ParametersBurko, Dmytro; Lobashov, Oleksii; Prasolenko, Oleksii; Gyulyev, Nizami; Kumar, Chitresh
31-Dec-2013Ethical responsibilities of human rights NGOsGriffin, Elizabeth Ann; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2015Ethical values and global carbon integrity systemQueensland University of Technology; Maguire, Rowena; Popovski, Vesselin; Breakey, Hugh; JGLS; Griffith University; Jindal Global Law School
23-May-2016Ethics and governance in climate change debate: Need for institutional shift from nation-states to individualsGoyal, Yugank
7-Aug-2020Ethics and Technology - Fall 2020Jindal Global Law School; Chauhan, Krishna Deo Singh
2013Ethnic Policy in China: Is Reform Inevitable?Leibold, James
Jun-2018Ethno-nationalism threatens Afghanistan and the region.Khan Ayoobi, Eisa
2-Jul-2020An Ethnographic Insight on Border-Markets: Reflections from the Indo-Bhutan BorderRoychowdhary, Shrrijiet; O. P. Jindal Global University
31-Dec-2014EU'S self-image as a security actorUnkule, Kalyani; Jindal Global Law School
20-Dec-2018EU-Sri Lanka: a new direction in economic diplomacyFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
31-Dec-2012The EU: a power at crossroads?Dasgupta, Rohee; JSIA
31-Dec-2018EU: looking east, staying west?Unkule, Kalyani
9-Jun-2018Europe on EdgeMuralidharan, Sukumar
26-Jul-2021The European Union as a development superpowerKumar, Mohan
17-Jul-2015The European Union–India free trade agreement negotiations: Political concerns and social reactionUnkule, Kalyani; Goddeeris, Idesbald