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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2021Big Data platform selection at a hospital: A Rembrandt system applicationSingh, Sudhanshu; Verma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj
26-Mar-2021A collaborative method for simultaneous operations: case of an eye clinicSingh, Sudhanshu; Verma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj
30-Jun-2021A data-driven approach to shared decision-making in a healthcare environment.Singh, Sudhanshu; Verma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj
30-Mar-2022Decentralised content creation in digital learning: A blockchain conceptKoul, Saroj; Singh, Sudhanshu; Verma, Rakesh
1-Dec-2011Dynamic vendor selection based on fuzzy AHPKoul, Saroj; Verma, Rakesh; NITIE, Mumbai, India; Jindal Global Business School
1-Dec-2012Dynamic vendor selection: A fuzzy AHP approachKoul, Saroj; Verma, Rakesh; JGBS; NITIE, Mumbai, India
30-Jan-2012Evaluation and Ranking of Supplier at a Service Firm Using Analytic Hierarchy ProcessKoul, Saroj; Saraswat, Ankur; Verma, Rakesh
28-Nov-2018Excellence in healthcare: application by ‘BOIDPAM’ methodSingh, Sudhanshu; Verma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj
28-Mar-2020Expert System – A Case of Indian Railway’s Track Maintenance and Renewal OperationsVerma, Rakesh; KOUL, SAROJ; Prasad, Babli
31-Dec-2016Identifying profitable clientele using the analytical hierarchy processVerma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj; Pai, Sushanth S; NITIE, Mumbai; Jindal Global Business School
21-Dec-2021Indian MSMEs–Review of dynamic capabilities with lean productionKore, Hemant H.; Koul, Saroj; Verma, Rakesh
2-Nov-2020Intelligent Decision-Making: Using Control Tower at a Logistics CompanyVerma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj; Gurpreet, Singh
13-Dec-2017Managing critical supply chain issues in Indian healthcareSingh, Sudhanshu; Verma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj
3-Sep-2017Mapping public procurement practices in IndiaKoul, Saroj; Kumar, Uma; Kumar, Vinod; Verma, Rakesh; Jindal Global Business School; Carleton University, Canada; Carleton University, Canada; NITIE
2-Dec-2010A multi-criteria decision making approach for selection of suppliersRaut, Rakesh; Verma, Rakesh; Bhasin, Harshvardan; Koul, Saroj; NITIE, Mumbai, India; NITIE, Mumbai, India; NITIE, Mumbai, India; JGBS
2-Dec-2009Vendor selection and uncertaintyVerma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj; Govindan, Kannan; JGBS; NITIE, Mumbai, India; University of Southern Denmark