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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2021The anatomy of the Left’s intellectual superiority complexTiwari, Yashowardhan
3-Nov-2020Cannabis: The other prohibitionGautam, Khagesh; Tiwari, Yashowardhan
27-Aug-2021Challenging the criminalisation of cannabis consumption in IndiaBharadwaj, Arindam; Tiwari, Yashowardhan
4-May-2021A critique of western research methodology: The usage of citationsTiwari, Yashowardhan
Aug-2021The curious absence of Gandhi from the Indian constitution: The history we don't rememberTiwari, Yashowardhan; O. P. Jindal Global University
25-Jun-2020Democracy Preserved? – Facts about the Emergency in IndiaTiwari, Yashowardhan
12-Mar-2021Dreaming About SwarajTiwari, Yashowardhan
30-Jan-2021Hijacking of dissent: A blueprint for subversion and mindless violenceTiwari, Yashowardhan
3-May-2021Hind Swaraj: A thorough critique of western ‘civilization’ and modernityTiwari, Yashowardhan
26-Dec-2019Intuition v/s. Intellect: Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s ‘Integral Experience’Chanda, Anirban; Tiwari, Yashowardhan
29-Apr-2021It’s time to decisively shift the overton windowTiwari, Yashowardhan
24-Apr-2021Kashi Vishwanath Vs Gyanvapi Mosque: Resolving battles over 'sacred places'Tiwari, Yashowardhan; Shrivastava, Anujay
4-Sep-2019Left-Liberals as passionate reactionaries- deconstructing the Romila Thapar incidentChanda, Anirban; Tiwari, Yashowardhan
May-2020Locating a right to "dignity of religious denominations : the curious case of Sabarimala templeTiwari, Yashowardhan; O. P. Jindal Global University
2-Oct-2021Mahatma Gandhi and law: A historico-legal perspectiveShrivastava, Anujay; Tiwari, Yashowardhan; Chanda, Anirban
21-Jun-2021Many meanings of democracyTiwari, Yashowardhan
22-Feb-2021Mapping civilizational responsibility through HindutvaTiwari, Yashowardhan
13-Jan-2020Obituary: Sir Roger Scruton gave conservatives their lost voice against socialist orthodoxyTiwari, Yashowardhan
7-Apr-2021Of nepotism, legacies, and heritageTiwari, Yashowardhan
2-Jul-2021The poetics of being Anti-Bharat: Some concerns on TISS fiascoTiwari, Yashowardhan; Tripathi, Mritunjay