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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-20219/11, flat earth, Brexit, Qanon: Why we fall for conspiracy theoriesSrivastava, Vatsalya
22-May-2020Calling In Experts Is Not Enough To Address The Corona Fuelled InfodemicSrivastava, Vatsalya
19-Oct-2020The China Question: Why It Matters More Than ‘Trump vs Biden’Srivastava, Vatsalya
29-Mar-2020Coronavirus quarantine violators highlight humanity's skewed perception of its mortality, public's inability to assess riskSrivastava, Vatsalya
7-Apr-2020COVID-19 and rising food prices in IndiaSrivastava, Vatsalya; Harsh, Apurva
4-Sep-2020Criticism, Tolerance And Trolling — The New Democracy Of InternetSrivastava, Vatsalya
24-Jul-2020Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga In The West — What Layla Saad’s Claim Tells Us About Our Inherent BiasesSrivastava, Vatsalya
12-May-2020Echoes Of 1984 In 2020: A Cautionary Tale About Total State ControlSrivastava, Vatsalya
9-Oct-2020Farm Act 2020 and Smart, Strategic FarmersSrivastava, Vatsalya
9-Oct-2020Farm Acts 2020: Farmer Unions and the Logic of SurvivalSrivastava, Vatsalya
24-Sep-2020Here’s How Steve Jobs Can Solve The ‘Trump Or Biden’ Dilemma For YouSrivastava, Vatsalya
3-Apr-2020India’s coronavirus mass migration: How we’ve misunderstood the Indian migrant labourerNagpal, Sugandha; Srivastava, Vatsalya
4-Jun-2020The New Terrain In Post-Pandemic Tensions: Tech Firms vs The StateSrivastava, Vatsalya
28-Jun-2020Reigniting The Free Speech Debate: In Defence Of The Right To OffendSrivastava, Vatsalya
3-Apr-2020Success of coronavirus lockdown hinges on clarity and credibility; State could do better on the formerSrivastava, Vatsalya; Harsh, Apurva (External)
11-Jul-2020Trump Or Biden — The Furor Counts More Than The ElectionsSrivastava, Vatsalya
16-Jun-2020Universities Fight For Relevance Amid A Struggle To Survive: The New Terrain In Post-Pandemic TensionsSrivastava, Vatsalya