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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2019Authentic leader, hindu self and Indian neoliberalismSinha, Chetan
25-Aug-2019Authentic leadership, power and social identities: A call for justice in Indian higher education systemSinha, Chetan
31-Jul-2020Authentic Leadership, Power and Social Identities: A Call for Justice in Indian Higher Education SystemSinha, Chetan
-Conceal or not? Management of dehumanized work identity among lower caste domestic workers and non-domestic scavenging workersSinha, Chetan; Kumar, Mohit
-Dalit leadership, collective pride and struggle for social change among educated Dalits: Contesting the legitimacy of social class mobility approachSinha, Chetan
6-Feb-2020Dalit Leadership, Collective Pride and Struggle for Social Change Among Educated Dalits: Contesting the Legitimacy of Social Class Mobility ApproachSinha, Chetan
14-Jul-2019Development, identity dominance and the politics of “doing” in IndiaSinha, Chetan
15-Jun-2017Freedom, diversity and representations in universitiesSinha, Chetan
18-Aug-2019How does Brain Matter? The Case of Dignified Mind and LawSinha, Chetan
18-Jun-2019Identity dynamics, social inclusion and invisibility of domestic workersSinha, Chetan
26-Aug-2019Knowledge about family and school contributions in academic achievement:The context of schooling and social representations in IndiaSinha, Chetan
-Measurement issues of the social class in social psychology of education: Is it a category mistake?Sinha, Chetan
1-Apr-2020Medical exile: Social distancing in the Corona times in IndiaSinha, Chetan
-Mood of the Consumer: Collective Choice, Culture, and Social ClassSinha, Chetan
20-Aug-2019Normalization of hindutva politics and saffron modernity in IndiaSinha, Chetan
21-Dec-2017Note on History of psychology in India: problems and prospectsSinha, Chetan
14-Aug-2019The Politics of data and reality: Construction of cause in interdisciplinary social psychologySinha, Chetan
29-Aug-2019The politics of revivalism: Intersection of caste and HindutvaSinha, Chetan
31-Dec-2016Teaching as a political act: the role of critical pedagogical practices and curriculumSinha, Chetan
-What if discipline is not interdisciplinary? The case of Social Psychology in IndiaSinha, Chetan