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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Apr-2019Altering the linesSingh, Prabhakar
23-Oct-2017Book Review of Anne Orford and Florian Hoffmann (eds), with Martin Clark. the Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International LawSingh, Prabhakar; Jindal Global Law School
20-Nov-2017Book Review: Lauren Benton and Lisa Ford. rage for order: the British empire and the origins of internationallLaw, 1800–1850Singh, Prabhakar
31-Dec-2017Do not shut the doors on themSingh, Prabhakar
30-Nov-2018The evolution of Indian anti-terror lawSingh, Prabhakar
31-Dec-2018Final goodbye to a peoples’ kingSingh, Prabhakar
31-Dec-2011Finding Mithila between India’s centre and peripherySingh, Prabhakar; JGLS
31-Dec-2010Globalization of legal knowledgeKanwar, Vik; Singh, Prabhakar; JGLS; JGLS
30-Jan-2019The Gods and Demons of the Preah Vihear TempleSingh, Prabhakar
-Incomplete decolonisationSingh, Prabhakar
31-Dec-2010Indian international law: from a colonized apologist to a subaltern protagonistSingh, Prabhakar; Jindal Global Law School
2017India’s role in Rohingya resolutionSingh, Prabhakar; Sarkar, Swagato
20-Nov-2017A lawyer’s account of the ‘Death of Sanskrit’ thesisSingh, Prabhakar
31-Dec-2012Macbeth’s three witches: capitalism, common good, and international lawSingh, Prabhakar; JGLS
31-Dec-2011Modernity and international law: Mythological materilism in the East-West TelosSingh, Prabhakar; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
Jun-2018The Monks Go Red.Singh, Prabhakar
-More norms, less justice: refugees, the republic, and everyone in betweenSingh, Prabhakar
Apr-2018More norms, less justice: refugees, the republic, and everyone in between.Singh, Prabhakar
28-Jun-2018Of international law, semi-colonial Thailand, and Imperial ghostsSingh, Prabhakar
Apr-2018Real plight.Singh, Prabhakar