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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2019Analysing the practical implications of a right to privacy: State surveillance and constitutionKhamroi, Anubhav; Shrivastava, Anujay; O. P. Jindal Global University
1-Sep-2021‘Anti-anti-suit injunctions’ and ‘anti-enforcement injunctions’ in the United Kingdom and abroad : A comparative overviewChanda, Anirban; Shrivastava, Anujay
20-Jul-2021Appointment of new arbitrators under Section 34 of the arbitration and conciliation actShrivastava, Anujay; Agrawal, Divyansha
Mar-2020Arbitrability of fraud in India and the United Kingdom: A judicial Magnum OpusChanda, Anirban; Shrivastava, Anujay; O. P. Jindal Global University
23-Dec-2019Arbitrability of fraud in India: The Rashid Raza test for complex fraudChanda, Anirban; Shrivastava, Anujay
28-May-2021Arbitrator’s award of interest not ‘patently illegal’ unless contract precludesShrivastava, Anujay
15-Sep-2019CCI on whether inefficiency or delay in service amount to a violation under the competition actChanda, Anirban; Shrivastava, Anujay
18-Apr-2021Court’s refusal to appoint arbitrators: An ‘appeal’ to create appeal mechanismsShrivastava, Abhijeet; Shrivastava, Anujay
2-Sep-2021Court’s refusal to refer parties to arbitration in disputes involving ‘time-barred’ claims: Analysing the BSNL vs. Nortel decisionShrivastava, Anujay; O. P. Jindal Global University
Jun-2019A critical analysis of bangalore water supply decision:a bugaboo of an one-sided judicial interpretation concerning the meaning of "industry"Kamroi, Anubhav; Shrivastava, Anujay; O. P. Jindal Global University
10-Sep-2021Delhi High Court’s third ‘right to be forgotten’ order: An analysis and critiqueShrivastava, Anujay; Malik, Jayant
17-Aug-2021‘Economic’ dignity and transformative constitutionalism in India: Attempting to cut the ‘Gordian Knot'Shrivastava, Anujay; Shrivastava, Abhijeet; O. P. Jindal Global University
11-Apr-2021Is appointment of ‘ad-hoc’ judges subject to filling ‘regular’ vacancies in the high courts?Shrivastava, Anujay
20-Jul-2021Judicial appointments, collegium system, and unresolved constitutional enigmas in India: Proposing an ‘Emergency Collegium’ and the ‘Automatic Elevation Alternative’Shrivastava, Anujay; Shrivastava, Abhijeet; O. P. Jindal Global University
24-Apr-2021Kashi Vishwanath Vs Gyanvapi Mosque: Resolving battles over 'sacred places'Tiwari, Yashowardhan; Shrivastava, Anujay
31-Jul-2021Madras High Court order on ‘right to be forgotten’: Analysis and critiqueShrivastava, Anujay
16-Aug-2021Madras High Court says that there is no 'right to be forgotten' against court decisionsShrivastava, Anujay
2-Oct-2021Mahatma Gandhi and law: A historico-legal perspectiveShrivastava, Anujay; Tiwari, Yashowardhan; Chanda, Anirban
29-Jun-2021Nandigram petition: Analysing Mamata Banerjee's plea seeking judicial recusalShrivastava, Anujay
15-May-2021On senior advocate designations and the disproportionate representation of womenShrivastava, Anujay