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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Nov-2017Air pollution: Without alternatives, penalties against stubble burning will never workChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
Mar-2020Appraisal of wash (Water-sanitation-hygiene) infrastructure using a composite index, spatial algorithms and sociodemographic correlates in rural IndiaChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi; Jain, Amit
May-2018Cities and climate changeChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
23-Feb-2017Digital India needs to make space for wasteChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
22-Nov-2017Drinking water sources in India: how safe is safe?Chaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi; Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities
15-Nov-2017The fight against pollution:: Can Delhi better Beijing?Chaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
26-Apr-2017Future lossesChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
20-Feb-2017Giving worth to the worthlessChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
11-Dec-2016Groundwater on brink of destructionChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
15-Nov-2016Halting desertificationChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
20-Aug-2017Have we had enoughChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
26-Jul-2016How NRDWP is faring in West BengalChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi; Monga, Shreya
22-Dec-2016A huge concernChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
17-Apr-2018Ides of MarchChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
31-Aug-2018Irrigation water pricing in India as a means to conserve water resources: challenges and potential future opportunitiesChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
17-Jun-2017Key to 'Looking East'Chaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
20-Feb-2017Lapses in monitoringChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
26-Jun-2017No quick-fixes again to farmer unrest, pleaseChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi
19-Dec-2016Overview of rural water supply sector in West Bengal, India: challenges and concernsChaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi; Jindal School of Liberal Arts And Humanities
Mar-2021Reflections on farmers’ social networks: a means for sustainable agricultural development?Chaudhuri, Sriroop; Roy, Mimi; McDonald, Louis M.; Emendack, Yves