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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2020Analysis of moored ship motions using 3-D boundary element method inside realistic harborGulshan; Kumar, Prashant; Rajni
2017Mathematical modeling of influence of ion size effects in an electrolyte in a nanoslit with overlapped EDLRajni; Kumar, Prashant
7-Sep-2021Mathematical modelling of non-linear transient long waves by using finite element method in an irregular shaped harbourKaur, Sukhwinder; Kumar, Prashant; Rajni
2017Multidirectional random wave diffraction in a real harbor by using 3-D boundary element methodRajni; Kumar, Prashant
18-Mar-2020Numerical modeling of ion size effect on osmotic pressure in cylindrical nanochannelsRajni; Kumar, Prashant
18-Mar-2020The numerical solution of Boussinesq equation for shallow water wavesPatel, Prashant; Kumar, Prashant; Rajni
28-Aug-2021Regional sea level changes in the Indian shelf sea and its association with SST anomaliesKumar, Prashant; Sardana, Divya; Rajni
15-Jan-2020Spectral boundary element modeling of water waves in Pohang New Harbor and Paradip PortRupali, .; Kumar, Prashant; Rajni
1-Oct-2020Spectral wave modeling of tsunami waves in Pohang New Harbor(South Korea) and Paradip Port (India)Rupali; Kumar, Prashant; Rajni
Dec-2018Universality of steric effects of electrolytes in nanoconfinementsRajni; Kang, I. S.; Oh, J. M.
29-Aug-2018Wave Induced Oscillation in an Irregular Domain by using Hybrid Finite Element ModelKumar, Prashant; Rajni; Rupali