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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2016Collaborative therapy with women and children refugees in houston: moving toward rehabilitation in the United States after enduring the atrocities of warPalit, Manjushree; Levin, Susan B.; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science
31-Dec-2015Couple and family therapists’ perceptions of women’s depression and preferred treatment modalities: a cross-national explorationPalit, Manjushree; Jaramillo-Sierra, Ana L.; JIBS; Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
13-Jul-2017A cross-national study of therapists' perceptions and experiences of premature dropout from therapyChen, Ruoxi; Piercy, Fred. P; Huang, Wei-jen; Jaramillo-Sierra, Ana. L; Karimi, Hasan; Palit, Manjushree; Martosudarmo, Catherine; Antonio, Angelito
2017Global victimology: new voices- theory-facts-legislationSahni, Sanjeev Purshotam; Kirchhoff, Gerd Ferdinand; Palit, Manjushree
31-Dec-2016Honor restored with the blood shed of loved ones: honor killing and bystander interventionJain, Garima; Palit, Manjushree; Dhanda, Astha
5-Oct-2016Making meaning of the virginity experience: young men's perceptions in the United StatesPalit, Manjushree; Allen, Katherine. R.
31-Dec-2015Preventing femicide in India: valuing & safeguarding the girl child & women.Jain, Garima; Palit, Manjushree; Dhanda, Astha
4-Apr-2018Tackling exam paper leakagePalit, Manjushree
2018Teaching practices that encourage excellence among studentsPalit, Manjushree
31-Dec-2016Victims' assistance in India- suggesting legislative reform: a comprehensive comparative policy reviewSahni, Sanjeev P.; Palit, Manjushree; Dhanda, Astha; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences