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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2012Antidumping proceedings and zeroing practices: have we entered the endgame?Nedumpara, James J.
31-May-2015Book Review: Rai Sheela: Recognition and regulation of safeguard measures under the GATT/WTO, SpringerNedumpara, James J.
31-Dec-2015Causation in trade remedy actions: problems with the but for testNedumpara, James J.
31-Dec-2013China – definitive anti-dumping duties on X-ray security inspection equipment from the equipment from the European UnionNedumpara, James J.; JGLS
9-Apr-2016Conclusions: WTO dispute settlement at twentyNedumpara, James J.; Das, Abhijit
31-Dec-2014Development space in India's trade and investment agreements: a fresh lookNedumpara, James J.; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2012Dominican Republic safeguard measures on imports of polypropylene bags and tubular fabricNedumpara, James J.; JGLS
31-Dec-2014Energy security and the WTO agreementsNedumpara, James J.
31-Dec-2013Export credits and safe haven provisions under the WTO SCM agreement: a case of false safety?Nedumpara, James J.
31-Dec-2016India agricultural products: defending India's first SPS disputeNedumpara, James J.; Chandra, Ashish; Deepak, Garima
31-Dec-2012India back among WTO disputes: an update on India’s current and potential WTO disputesNathani, Suhail; Nedumpara, James J.
31-Dec-2014India's food security concerns and the WTO Bali ministerial decisionNedumpara, James J.
9-Apr-2016Introduction: WTO dispute settlement at twenty: Insiders’ reflections on India’s participationNedumpara, James J.; Das, Abhijit
31-Dec-2013Naming, shaming and filing: harnessing India’s capacity for WTO dispute settlementNedumpara, James J.; JGLS
31-Dec-2012NATCO v. BAYER: Indian patent authority grants its first ever compulsory license on pharmaceutical productsNedumpara, James J.; Misra, Prateek
31-Dec-2016Public health concerns and trade regulation: the Avian Influenza disputeNedumpara, James J.
31-Dec-2015State transformation and the role of lawyers: the WTO, India, and transnational legal orderingShaffer, Gregory; Nedumpara, James J.; Sinha, Aseema
31-Dec-2015World trade organization and network societies: evolving models of public-private partnerships in IndiaNedumpara, James J.; JGLS
31-Dec-2016WTO dispute settlement at twenty: insiders reflections on India's participationDas, Abhijit; Nedumpara, James J.