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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2011Addressing ‘Well-Being’ and ‘Institutionalized power relations’ in health policyNakray, Keerty
31-Dec-2015Child poverty and ecological contexts of deprivation and well-being: a critical review of budgeting and social policy in IndiaNakray, Keerty; Jindal Global Law School
16-Jan-2018Gender and education policy in India: twists, turns and trims of transnational policy transfersNakray, Keerty
31-Dec-2016Gender and HIV/AIDS in India: critical reflections on the feminist research ethics of making an impactNakray, Keerty; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2015Gender budgeting and public policy: the challenges to operationalising gender justice in IndiaNakray, Keerty; JGLS
13-Mar-2019Gender mainstreaming in Indian judiciary participatoryNakray, Keerty; Chauhan, Arshiya
2019Gender mainstreaming in multi-level political governance in urban Zambia: A critical review of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) achievementsNakray, Keerty; Kafukanya, Nellie Musamba
31-Dec-2013Gender-based violence and public healthNakray, Keerty; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2012Gender-based violence: framework for public health budgets and policiesNakray, Keerty; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School
10-Sep-2018The global beauty industry, colorism, racism and the national body.Nakray, Keerty
31-Aug-2016India's emerging social policy paradigm: productive, protective or what?Kuhner, Stefan; Nakray, Keerty; Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Jindal Global Law School
18-Jun-2015Meeting emerging global policy challenges: positioning social policy between development and growth?Devine, Joe; Kuhner, Stefan; Nakray, Keerty
31-Dec-2014Rethinking gender and social policies in the changing contexts of development across the worldNakray, Keerty
14-Oct-2015Social science research ethics for a globalizing world : Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectivesNakray, Keerty; Alston, Margaret; Whittenbury, Kerri
31-Aug-2017Social science research ethics for a globalizing world: critical overview of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectivesNakray, Keerty; Jindal Global Law School
14-Oct-2015Social science research ethics: An introductionNakray, Keerty; Alston, Margaret; Whittenbury, Kerri
14-Oct-2015Vicarious trauma and safety protocols for sensitive feminist researchNakray, Keerty