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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2016Analytics of conflict and studying its economic impactMohan, Deepanshu; Sinha, Samrat; Jindal School of International Affairs
Jun-2018Arvind Subramanian’s exit shows us that economic policy-making in India is still too centralised.Mohan, Deepanshu
Jun-2018Between law and practice: Reflections from the sealing drive across Delhi .Rai, Shivkrit; Purvi, Kaya; Mohan, Deepanshu
19-Jan-2018Budget 2018: A Case for (Restrained) Economic Populism?Mohan, Deepanshu
10-Jan-2019Cambodia’s ‘buy-abride’ trade thrivesMohan, Deepanshu
2018Decoding India’s Budget 2018: Hope and promise sans reality?Mohan, Deepanshu
8-Nov-2018Even in the National Capital Region, women struggle to access healthcareRai, Shivkrit; Mohan, Deepanshu
31-Dec-2015Explicating on the need for sub-national economic activismMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Mohan, Deepanshu
31-Dec-2014Financial crises in historical perspective: comparing the US and UK monetary policy responses to the crises of 1929 & 2008Mohan, Deepanshu; Jindal School of International Affairs
31-Dec-2014Financial liberalization in India: the return of an old familiar ghost- Washington ConsensusMohan, Deepanshu; Jindal School of International Affairs
2018Going beyond the boundaries of justiceMohan, Deepanshu
31-Dec-2017Governing dynamics of cross-border trade: a case study from the Indo-Bhutan border regionMohan, Deepanshu; Raghunath, Tanuja; Medipally, Sanjana
31-Dec-2017Growth without development?: a reflection on rising gender inequality in IndiaMohan, Deepanshu
2018Guyana: Taxpayers Pay Almost $1 Billion to financial waste and abuse at the ministry of public infrastructure over two yearsMohan, Deepanshu; Singh, Dhanraj; Agarwal, Aryan
31-Dec-2017In an age of resentmentMohan, Deepanshu
1-Feb-2019In Modi’s budget bouquet, roses only for the electionMohan, Deepanshu
1-Jan-2018India in 2017: economic inequality up, while faith in govt downMohan, Deepanshu
5-Oct-2018India's cocktail recipe for affirmative action should be replaced with a simplified one.Mohan, Deepanshu
18-Sep-2018India's invisible entrepreneurs – what the state can do to help local economiesMohan, Deepanshu
5-Sep-2018The 'Inequality of Access' Across IndiaMohan, Deepanshu; Sekhani, Richa; Vaid, Serene