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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2016Analytics of conflict and studying its economic impactMohan, Deepanshu; Sinha, Samrat; Jindal School of International Affairs
1-Aug-2021Anchored in the barren: The case of Pune’s Janata VasahatMohan, Deepanshu; Mistry, Jignesh; Singh, Advaita; Ayreen, Sarah; Shah, Vanshika
16-Dec-2019Anti-CAA protests need strong political faces to make a differenceMohan, Deepanshu
Jun-2018Arvind Subramanian’s exit shows us that economic policy-making in India is still too centralised.Mohan, Deepanshu
8-Jan-2020The attacks on universities represent an agenda to eliminate safe spacesMohan, Deepanshu
11-May-2020Bail out those who are hit hardest by CovidMohan, Deepanshu
9-Nov-2020Battleground Bihar 2020Mohan, Deepanshu
Jun-2018Between law and practice: Reflections from the sealing drive across Delhi .Rai, Shivkrit; Purvi, Kaya; Mohan, Deepanshu
27-Feb-2020The big picture on India-US trade dealMohan, Deepanshu
19-Apr-2021Blunting the economic impact of the second wave of COVID-19 With a 3, 6, 9-month planMohan, Deepanshu
7-Mar-2019Brexit to Balakot, what is fuelling the anger in you and who is responsibleMohan, Deepanshu
28-Sep-2020A broad crisis of public distrust that we need to resolveMohan, Deepanshu
19-Jan-2018Budget 2018: A Case for (Restrained) Economic Populism?Mohan, Deepanshu
6-Jul-2019Budget 2019: Lots of trailers, but where's the movie?Mohan, Deepanshu
20-Jan-2020Budget 2020: Here are five challenges Nirmala Sitharaman is facingMohan, Deepanshu
20-Jan-2021Budget 2021: Nirmala Sitharaman's 'stress test' and macroeconomic challenges aheadMohan, Deepanshu
4-Aug-2021By failing to prioritise education, Modi government and the states are harming India’s futureMohan, Deepanshu
10-Jan-2019Cambodia’s ‘buy-abride’ trade thrivesMohan, Deepanshu
5-Jan-2020Can national infrastructure pipeline revive the economy?Mohan, Deepanshu
5-Jan-2020Can NIP revive the economy?Mohan, Deepanshu