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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2020Are Democracies or Autocracies Better Placed to Fight Pandemics?Maini, Tridivesh Singh
10-Dec-2019BRI and the China-Ethiopia relationshipMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
1-Sep-2019Can shifting capitals shape urban development?Maini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
19-Feb-2020Can the Iran nuclear deal be rescued?Maini, Tridivesh Singh
31-Dec-2016China-Pakistan economic corridor: strategic rationales, external perspectives, and challenges to effective implementationRifaat, Hamzah; Maini, Tridivesh Singh; Jindal School of International Affairs
16-Apr-2020Coronavirus Outbreak: Inducing a Rethink on Chinese InvestmentsMaini, Tridivesh Singh
20-Jan-2018Eastern India's Embrace of ChinaMaini, Tridivesh Singh
31-Dec-2015Explicating on the need for sub-national economic activismMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Mohan, Deepanshu
17-Apr-2019FDI in India on slippery ground? protectionism, populism to blameMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
24-May-2016FDI in India: do New Delhi and state governments need to re-think strategies?Maini, Tridivesh Singh
2015How India became Territorial: Foreign Policy, Diaspora, Geopolitics [Book Review].Maini, Tridivesh Singh
21-Nov-2019How will new Sri Lankan president balance ties with India & China?Lingala, Mahitha; Maini, Tridivesh Singh
31-Dec-2017India's subnational governments foray into the international arenaJain, Purnendra; Maini, Tridivesh Singh
31-Dec-2016India-Saudi Arabia ties: beyond oil diplomacyMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Vaid, Manish; JSIA; Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi
2015India–China borderlands: Conversations beyond the Centre [Book review]Maini, Tridivesh Singh
1-Dec-2017India’s evolving approach to regionalism: SAARC and beyondYhome, K.; Maini, Tridivesh Singh
30-Jul-2019Japan-South Korea feud: Economic and geo-political ramificationsMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha
31-Aug-2016Metamorphosis: studies in social and political change in Myanmar [Book review]Maini, Tridivesh Singh
31-Aug-2017Munabao-Khokhrapar land route and India-Pakistan relationsMaini, Tridivesh Singh; Jindal School of International Affairs
19-Jul-2019Must India join China’s BRI to get infrastructure loans from AIIB ?Maini, Tridivesh Singh; Lingala, Mahitha