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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2021Anil Kumar Poddar v/s Bonanza Industries Ltd: The shareholder’s right to Inspect the company’s registers and documentsMahaseth, Harsh
27-Dec-2020The ASEAN response to Covid-19 and the way forwardMahaseth, Harsh; Pandey, Saumya
3-Jul-2021Bali: Revitalizing tourism but at what cost?Mahaseth, Harsh; Goel, Niharika
19-Aug-2021Binding or Non-Binding: Analysing the nature of the ASEAN Agreements.Mahaseth, Harsh; Subramaniam, Karthik
27-Jul-2021Child plays a game on a mobile and generates a bill of more than 1 lakh forcing his father to sell his carMahaseth, Harsh
12-Jun-2021China’s three-child policy is a little too late to revive and not too reassuring for the citizensMahaseth, Harsh
25-Dec-2020Climate change in Vanuatu: Problems ensueMahaseth, Harsh; Sharma, Shubham
Jan-2021Climate emergency and the impact of US pull-out from Paris climate agreementMahaseth, Harsh; Pandey, Saumya
24-Jun-2021Concerns of street children: A human rights issue in IndiaMahaseth, Harsh; Shukla, Ananya
31-Dec-2020COVID-19 battle revitalized SAARC in 2020: Momentum should not be lostMahaseth, Harsh; Saumya, Pandey
11-May-2021COVID-19 testing scam hits Indonesian airportMahaseth, Harsh
27-Sep-2021A critique of amendments to the juvenile justice act in IndiaMahaseth, Harsh; Gupta, Nishtha
30-Jun-2021The fear of testing and COVID vaccinations in Indian villagesMahaseth, Harsh; Choudhary, Mansi
22-Sep-2021The idée fixe of corporate jobs in India: The institutional change in legal education and the different factors for the shiftMahaseth, Harsh; Makhija, Sanchita
22-Jun-2021In such stressful times of natural disasters, why is Tiktok becoming another cause for concern in Nepal?Mahaseth, Harsh; Pandey, Apekshya
25-Jan-2021An increase in domestic violence against women in Nepal during COVID-19Mahaseth, Harsh
7-Oct-2021The Increase of online journalism in NepalMahaseth, Harsh; Qureshi, Shifa
20-May-2021India-Pakistan ceasefire agreement 2021: Can it last?Mahaseth, Harsh; Shukla, Ananya
2-Feb-2021Indian courts need to be gender sensitisedMahaseth, Harsh; Mishra, Aditi
26-Dec-2020The interconnectedness between Covid-19 and international environmental lawMahaseth, Harsh; Risal, Pranjal