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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2011Are trade-related climate protection laws compatible with the law of the World Trade Organization?Kishore, Pallavi
31-Dec-2011Comparative analysis of secretariats created under select treaty regimesKishore, Pallavi; JGLS
31-Dec-2011Conditionalities in the generalized system of preferences as instruments of global economic governanceKishore, Pallavi; JGLS
-A critical analysis of conditionalities in the generalised system of preferencesKishore, Pallavi
31-Dec-2012Development reading of India’s cases in the World Trade OrganizationKishore, Pallavi; JGLS
31-Dec-2014India's experience with the anti-dumping mechanismKishore, Pallavi; Jindal Global Law School
13-Mar-2018India's Experience with the WTO Agreement on Textiles and ClothingKishore, Pallavi
31-Dec-2012Le Cachemire : peuple sans Etat ?Kishore, Pallavi; JGLS
31-Dec-2014Managing growth in a changing world: what lessons Can BRICS learn from each other.Kishore, Pallavi
31-Dec-2012Revisiting the WTO Shrimps Case in the light of current climate protectionism: a developing country perspectiveKishore, Pallavi; JGLS
31-Dec-2014Special and differential treatment in the multilateral trading systemKishore, Pallavi; Jindal Global Law School
22-Nov-2017Using the unprecedented nuclear weapons advisory opinion as precedent in the Marshall Islands CasesKishore, Pallavi
31-Dec-2010Women’s human rights violations: female sexual slavery during the second world war.Kishore, Pallavi