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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jan-2016Assertive Aadhaar and financial inclusionKoul, Saroj; Batra, Deepak; Jindal Global Business School; Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry, Chandigarh Administration
1-Jun-2012Automating Attendance Recording of Contingent Labours at a Large Construction Site’Koul, Saroj; JGBS; Jindal Global Business School
6-Aug-2020Business Ethics and Value Clarity- Fall 2020Jindal Global Business School; Sharma, Paribhasha; Sharma, Vandana
31-Dec-2014Congruency between self as communicated by product ensembles and self as perceived by peers – do the two match?Emile, Renu; Sangwan, Sunanda; Jindal Global Business School; Shantou University Business School,China
6-Aug-2020Data Analytics- Fall 2020Jindal Global Business School; Sumedha Chauhan
1-Dec-2011Dynamic vendor selection based on fuzzy AHPKoul, Saroj; Verma, Rakesh; NITIE, Mumbai, India; Jindal Global Business School
4-Sep-2017Enhancing BRICS integration: a cloud-based green supply chain conceptKoul, Saroj; Perikamana, HN; Kumar, Uma; Kumar, Vinod; Citizen Support; Carleton University; Carleton University; Jindal Global Business School
31-Dec-2013Entrepreneurship and engineering: The triumph of All India Warehousing Private Ltd.Koul, Saroj; Guha, Ankush (ITM Kharghar, Mumbai, India); JGBS; Jindal Global Business School
31-Dec-2015Green supply chain drivers in the Indian automobile industryDasari, Yatish P; Koul, Saroj; JGBS; Jindal Global Business School
31-Dec-2016Identifying profitable clientele using the analytical hierarchy processVerma, Rakesh; Koul, Saroj; Pai, Sushanth S; NITIE, Mumbai; Jindal Global Business School
3-Sep-2017Mapping public procurement practices in IndiaKoul, Saroj; Kumar, Uma; Kumar, Vinod; Verma, Rakesh; Jindal Global Business School; Carleton University, Canada; Carleton University, Canada; NITIE
31-Dec-2016Supply chain network, information sharing and sme credit quality.Ganguly, Anirban; Song, Hua; Turson, Rabia; Yu, Kangkang; Jindal Global Business School; Renmin University of China; Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics, China; Renmin University of China
31-Dec-2015Sustainable development of oil sands and host communities: preliminary system dynamics assessmentFalebita, Oluwabunmi Aboseoe; Koul, Saroj; Jindal Global Business School
13-Sep-2016System dynamics, uncertainty and hydrocarbon resources modelling: A systematic reviewKoul, Saroj; Oluwabunmi A., Falebita; John-Felix K., Akinbami; Akarakiri, Joshua B.; Jindal Global Business School; OAU, Nigeria; OAU, Nigeria
31-Dec-2016Using statistical forecasting to optimize staff scheduling in healthcare organizationsGanguly, Anirban; Nandi, Saikat; Jindal Global Business School; Superior Business Results, North Carolina, USA