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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2021Arundhati Roy is really wrong about HamasJangid, Khinvraj
24-Mar-2021As Israel holds its fourth election in two years, Netanyahu’s contentious record divides his nationJangid, Khinvraj
Jun-2020Book Review : Arafat and Abbas: Portraits of Leadership in a State PostponedJangid, Khinvraj
21-Nov-2017Book Review: Dilemmas of the conflictJangid, Khinvraj
6-Apr-2021Democracy, Israel’s prized possession, is facing a grave riskJangid, Khinvraj
15-Jun-2019English admissions test excludes rural students from JNUJangid, Khinvraj
28-Sep-2018From Jodhpur to haifa: representations of ‘hero of haifa,’ Dalpat SinghJangid, Khinvraj
14-Sep-2021How the legend of Modi, Hindu hero and political messiah, is breaking India's politicsJangid, Khinvraj
16-Oct-2020Images of Israel in IndiaJangid, Khinvraj
Jan-2021Imagining nations, creating states: Nehru, Ben-Gurion and an analogical study of India and Israel in post-colonial AsiaJangid, Khinvraj
15-Aug-2017India independence day: Like Israel, India's founding values challenged from within by religionJangid, Khinvraj
23-May-2019Modi the 'Hindu Messiah' manipulated hope and hate to win India's electionJangid, Khinvraj
4-Jul-2017Modi visit: How Israel went from 'contaminated' by colonialism to India's strategic allyJangid, Khinvraj
12-Dec-2019Modi's malignant anti-Muslim vision for India is becoming realityJangid, Khinvraj
27-Jul-2019‘No anti-nationalism’ clause threatens critical thinkingJangid, Khinvraj
13-May-2019There is much more to JNU than left politics for a hindi-medium studentJangid, Khinvraj
12-Sep-2021The thought processes on a private university campusJangid, Khinvraj
3-Mar-2019Under Modi, the 'New' India prioritizes aggression and prizes Israel's exampleJangid, Khinvraj
12-Jul-2020Why Israel is 'kosher' for Indian academic collaborationsJangid, Khinvraj