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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jan-2018Adultery in the age of technology: Complexities and methodological challenges in studying internet infidelityJain, Garima; Sen, Shilpita
2020Conflict - The Police & The PeopleSahni, Sanjeev P.; Jain, Garima
2018Euthanasia: a review on worldwide legal status and public opinionJain, Garima; Sahni, Sanjeev P
31-Dec-2016Honor restored with the blood shed of loved ones: honor killing and bystander interventionJain, Garima; Palit, Manjushree; Dhanda, Astha
1-Feb-2018Internet infidelity: An interdisciplinary insight in a global contextSahni, Sanjeev P.; Jain, Garima
18-Jul-2020Let's Talk About Depression: A Focus on Australia, India and USASahni, Sanjeev P.; Lakhani, Sweta; Thakur, Aishwarya; Jain, Garima; Shrivastva, Joysheel
13-Dec-2016Measures in the background of piracy in entertainment and software industry in IndiaSahni, Sanjeev P.; Jain, Garima; Gupta, Indranath; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science Jindal Global Law School
25-Jan-2018An overview: Internet infidelitySahni, Sanjeev P.; Jain, Garima
31-Dec-2015Preventing femicide in India: valuing & safeguarding the girl child & women.Jain, Garima; Palit, Manjushree; Dhanda, Astha
31-Jan-2016Psychological responses to influenza A, H1N1 (“Swine Flu”) in IndiaSahni, Sanjeev P; Kumar, Vaijayanthee; Srivastava, D.K.; Jain, Garima; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences; Jindal Global Law School; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences
25-Jan-2018Sexual identity expression on the internet: An empirical study of homosexuals, heterosexuals, and bisexuals in IndiaJain, Garima; Sahni, Sanjeev P.; Sehgal, Neha
2017Understanding attribution bias and reasons behind internet infidelity in IndiaSahni, Sanjeev P; Jain, Garima
31-Dec-2017Understanding digital piracy through the lens of psychosocial, criminological and cultural factorsSahni, Sanjeev P; Jain, Garima; Gupta, Indranath