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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2016Abortion laws in India: a review of court casesJain, Dipika; Garnaik, Upasana; McBroom, Kerry; Malik, Swati; Tronic, Brian; Jindal Global Law School; Centre for Health Law Ethics and Technology
31-Dec-2014Between Cairo to Haryana: how far have reproductive rights come after twenty years of ICPDJain, Dipika; Jindal Global Law School
Jun-2018Bureaucratization of transgender rights: perspective from the ground.Jain, Dipika; Pillai, Gauri; Shukla, Surabhi; Jos, Justin
31-Dec-2013Comparison of the legal rights of gender non-conforming persons in South AsiaJain, Dipika; Rhoten, Kimberly; Jindal Global Law School
11-Oct-2019Conflicting abortion laws in India: Unintended barriers to safe abortion for adolescent girlsJain, Dipika; Tronic, Brian
Mar-2013Domestic violence legislation in India: The pitfalls of a human rights approach to gender equalityJain, Dipika
1-Dec-2014The enforcement of India’s tobacco control legislation in the state of Haryana: A case studyJain, Dipika; Jadav, Amit; Rhoten, Kimberly; Bassi, Abhinav
12-Jan-2020Epistemic injustice and judicial discourse on transgender rights in India: Uncovering temporal pluralismJain, Dipika; Rhoten, Kimberly M.
31-Dec-2013Exploration of compulsory licensing as an effective policy tool for antiretroviral drugs in IndiaJain, Dipika; Darrow, Jonathan J (Harvard Medical School); Jindal Global Law School
30-Jul-2014Gender Non-Conforming Persons And Prisons-Clinical - Fall 2014JGLS; M. Rhoten, Kimberly; Jain, Dipika
20-Dec-2009Gender: women and HIVMedhini, Laya; Jain, Dipika; Gonzalves, Colin
31-Dec-2013Gene-patenting and access to healthcare in India: achieving precisionJain, Dipika
31-Dec-2013Heteronormative state and the right to health in IndiaJain, Dipika; Rhoten, Kimberly; JGLS; JGLS
1-Jan-2013Impact of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Delhi: An empirical studyJain, Dipika
-Impact of the Naz Foundation judgment on the gay, bisexual and transgender people in Delhi: An empirical investigationJain, Dipika; Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Technology , Jindal Global Law School; Kommareddy, Kavya; Oza, Esha; Parkkot, Parvati; Choudhary, Esha; Balu, Krithika
22-Nov-2016Implementation of the public distribution system: An empirical analysis of the right to food in an urban slumJain, Dipika
31-Dec-2013Is the National Pharmaceutical Policy, 2012 really cheering the pharma?Jain, Dipika; JGLS
8-Jan-2021Law, gender identity, and the uses of human rights: The paradox of recognition in South AsiaJain, Dipika; Dasgupta, Debanuj
Jun-2020Law-making by and for the people: A case for pre-legislative processes in IndiaJain, Dipika
5-Aug-2020Legal Methods I- Fall 2020Jindal Global Law School; Jain, Dipika; Kindo, Sandeep; Suresh, Sandeep; Mandal, Sourav; Upadhyay, Amit; Chitkara, Radhika; Mysoor, Dolashree; Saha, Oieshi