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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2018Can India be a key player in the middle eastern dilemmaGupta, Megha; Kavoori, Samarth
8-Oct-2018Can the Indian judicial system of appointment serve as a role model for the U.S. judiciary?Gupta, Megha
Jun-2018The diplomacy of Singapore, India and Sri Lanka: Bringing ASEAN and SAARC closer.Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
Jun-2018Diplomacy of South Asia’s neighbours: India and Sri Lanka rebuilding their long-term historic relationship.Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
Jun-2018India’s growth beneficial for small island states like Sri Lanka.Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
2018Indo-Vietnam-US foreign policy agenda: Towards strengthening the ASEAN blocFernando, Srimal; Jose, Sharon; Gupta, Megha
6-Oct-2018Indonesia shaping the South East Asian foreign policy of India and Sri LankaFernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
29-Oct-2018New alliance in Sri Lanka: will it be a different Rajpaksa this time?Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
29-Oct-2018A new political turn in Sri Lankan politics with Sirisena-Rajapaksa allianceFernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
May-2018O.P. Jindal Global University:a globally recognized BRICS ranked University.Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
May-2018Securing a better future for these small island states in the Indian Ocean.Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
Apr-2018South Africa’s foreign policy in transition through its leading role in IORA, BRICS, SADCFernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha; Bhana, Kirtan
May-2018South Asia’s maritime defense strategy: a key to stability between India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.Fernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha
30-Oct-2018Sri Lanka: new political situation with Sirisena-Rajapaksa alliance – analysisFernando, Srimal; Gupta, Megha