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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2012Are websites adequately communicating terms & conditions link in a browse-wrap agreement?Gupta, Indranath; JGLS
31-Dec-2014Book Review: Principles if intellectual propertyGupta, Indranath; Jindal Global Law School
28-Oct-2017CCI's investigation of abuse of dominance: adjudicatory traits in prima facie opinionGupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas H.; Jain, Dipesh A.
31-Dec-2016CJEU addresses private copying and fair compensation issuesGupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas H.; Jindal Global Law School
Oct-2017Complications and quandaries in the ICT sector: Standard Essential Patents and competition issuesBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas; Jindal Global Law School
31-Dec-2015Database directive “contracting out” bar: does it apply to unprotected databases?Gupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas H.; JGLS
24-Jul-2018Evolving Huawei framework: SEPs and grant of injunctions (Chapter)Gupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas H.; Shrivastava, Vishal
31-Dec-2017Footprints of feist in European database directive: a legal analysis of IP law-making in europeGupta, Indranath
27-Jun-2018India’s participatory role in the database debate at WIPOGupta, Indranath
9-Aug-2019Introducing the status of domestic workers in IndiaMahanta, Upasana; Gupta, Indranath
Oct-2017Introduction to the JGLR special issue on standardization, patents and competition issues: global developments and perspectivesBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath; Tripathy, Sunita; JGLS; JGLS; JGLS; Jindal Global Law School Jindal Global Law School
2018Introduction: Complications and quandaries in the ICT sectorBharadwaj, Ashish; Devaiah, Vishwas H; Gupta, Indranath
13-Dec-2016Measures in the background of piracy in entertainment and software industry in IndiaSahni, Sanjeev P.; Jain, Garima; Gupta, Indranath; Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science Jindal Institute of Behavioural Science Jindal Global Law School
2016Phones that are too smart for the lawBharadwaj, Ashish; Gupta, Indranath
4-Jul-2019Piracy in the digital era: Psychosocial, criminological and cultural factorsSahni, Sanjeev P.; Gupta, Indranath
2019Recognition of the rights of domestic workers in IndiaMahanta, Upasana; Gupta, Indranath
31-Dec-2015Road ahead for domestic workers in India: legal and policy challengesMahanta, Upasana; Gupta, Indranath
2-Jul-2019Shielding internet intermediaries from copyright liability—A comparative discourse on safe harbours in Singapore and IndiaGupta, Indranath; Marsoof, Althaf
12-Jul-2019Shifting focus on hold-out in SEP licensing: perspectives from the EU, USA and IndiaGupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas H.; Bhushan, Shruti
14-Mar-2019Trends in prelicensing negotiations of standard‐essential patentsGupta, Indranath; Devaiah, Vishwas H.; Jain, Dipesh A.; Shrivastava, Vishal