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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2017Are small firms willing to pay for improved power supply? Evidence from a contingent valuation study in IndiaGoyal, Yugank; Ghosh, Ranjan; Rommel, Jens; Sagebiel, Julian
Jul-2020Book Review "Mafia Organizations: The Visible Hand of Criminal Enterprise by Maurizio Catino"Goyal, Yugank
25-Mar-2018The coal mine mafia of India: A mirror of corporate powerGoyal, Yugank
31-Dec-2014Corporate governance and Informal Institutions: a closer look at BRICS economiesGoyal, Yugank
25-Jan-2018Cultural institutions in new technology: Evidence from internet infidelityGoyal, Yugank; Ramanujam, Padmanabha; Sridhar, Sriya
Jun-2019The desirability of one nation one election in India: Simultaneous electionsKaushik, Arun Kumar; Goyal, Yugank
31-Dec-2014Economic and procedural constraints of compulsory licences for medicinesGoyal, Yugank
19-Jun-2019The enchantment of urbanization: Closer look at market’s narrative in Indian citiesGoyal, Yugank
23-May-2016Ethics and governance in climate change debate: Need for institutional shift from nation-states to individualsGoyal, Yugank
8-Sep-2018Examining electoral data an enquiry into people’s preferences of communist parties in West Bengal and KeralaKaushik, Arun Kumar; Goyal, Yugank
31-Dec-2015For pleasure or for profit: the promises and perils of the art marketGoyal, Yugank
26-Nov-2019How governments promote monopolies: Public procurement in IndiaGoyal, Yugank
31-Dec-2010Inefficient parastatal agencies and growing modern food market in India:the need for private participation in food sectorGoyal, Yugank
9-Aug-2019The informal domestic workers in India—A descriptive mapping of NSSO dataGoyal, Yugank; Kumar, Rakesh (External)
6-May-2017Informal institutions in the regulatory state: The case of bureaucracy in IndiaGoyal, Yugank
2017Institutional cost of international space lawSreejith, SG; Goyal, Yugank
31-Dec-2012Narayan Lakshman’s Patrons of the Poor.Goyal, Yugank
14-Feb-2020Of modernity, house prices and suspending singularity of timeGoyal, Yugank
11-Jul-2020Oliver Williamson: The Man Who Reduced the Transaction Cost of EconomicsGhosh, Ranjan; Goyal, Yugank
31-Dec-2014One view of compulsory licensing: comparative perspectives from India and CanadaRamanujam, Padmanabha; Goyal, Yugank; Jindal Global Law School; Jindal School of Liberal Arts