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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2021A dark side of e-HRM: Mediating role of HR service delivery and HR socialization on HR effectivenessTalukdar, Asim; Ganguly, Anirban
30-Oct-2019A decision-making model for supplier selection in Indian pharmaceutical organizationsGanguly, Anirban; Kumar, Chitresh; Chatterjee, Debdeep
29-Aug-2018Evaluating barriers to knowledge sharing affecting new product development team performanceGanguly, Anirban; Chatterjee, Debdeep; Farr, John V.
31-Dec-2017Evaluating the effects of supply chain quality management on food firms’ performance: the mediating role of food certification and reputationSong, Hua; Turson, Rabia; Ganguly, Anirban
-Evaluating the risks associated with supply chain agility of an enterpriseGanguly, Anirban; Chatterjee, Debdeep; Rao, Harish V.
3-Aug-2019Evaluating the role of social capital, tacit knowledge sharing, knowledge quality and reciprocity in determining innovation capability of an organizationGanguly, Anirban; Talukdar, Asim; Chatterjee, Debdeep
14-Apr-2020Firms’ reputation for innovation: Role of marketing capability, innovation capability, and knowledge sharingGanguly, Anirban; Kumar, Chitresh; Saxena, Garima; Talukdar, Asim
25-Aug-2021Foreign product preference among Indian consumers: the role of product reviews, word of mouth and quality of shared informationLohan, Amanish; Ganguly, Anirban; Kumar, Chitresh; Talukdar, Asim
10-Aug-2021How mandatory corporate social responsibility can help governments with development goalsSodhi, Manmohan; Kumar, Chitresh; Ganguly, Anirban
2-Oct-2017Hua Song, Rabia Turson, Anirban Ganguly, Kangkang Yu, (2017) "Evaluating the effects of supply chain quality management on food firms’ performance: The mediating role of food certification and reputation", International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 37 Issue: 10,1541-1562Song, Hua; Turson, Rabia; Ganguly, Anirban; Yu, Kangkang
Feb-2020Innovative ecosystem in enhancing hi-tech Sme financing: Mediating role of two types of innovation capabilitiesSong, Hua; Chen, Sijie; Ganguly, Anirban
31-Dec-2015Integrated AHP-QFD approach for evaluating competing technological processesGanguly, Anirban; Marino, Donald; JGBS; Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ
21-Mar-2021Knowledge hiding in academia: an empirical study of Indian higher education studentsGarg, Neha; Talukdar, Asim; Ganguly, Anirban; Kumar, Chitresh
14-Oct-2021Knowledge hiding in organization: A comprehensive literature review and future research agendaGarg, Neha; Kumar, Chitresh; Ganguly, Anirban
31-Dec-2016Managing competitive pressures in the globalisation era: case of tooling and machining in PennsylvaniaOnyeiwu, Steve; Ganguly, Anirban; Dept. of Economics, Allegheny College, Meadville; Jindal Global Business School
31-Dec-2019Quantification of social cost at product price-level for urban freight: a study of industrial productsKumar, CHITRESH; Ganguly, Anirban
2-Feb-2017The role of marketing strategies in successful disruptive technologiesGanguly, Anirban; Das, Naveen; Farr, John V.
Jan-2018The role of resiliency in managing supply chains disruptionsGanguly, Anirban; Chatterjee, Debdeep; Rao, Harish
31-Dec-2015Simulation-based costing for early phase life cycle cost analysis: Example application to an environmental remediation projectFarr, John V (Military Academy at West Point, NY); Faber, Isaac J (Military Academy at West Point, NY); Ganguly, Anirban; JGBS