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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jun-202030 years after Nelson Mandela's ReleaseFernando, Srimal
17-Jun-202035 Years of SAARCFernando, Srimal
Jun-201845 Years of Sri Lanka – Bangladesh diplomatic relations: A solid partnership for progressFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
16-Dec-201862 years of diplomacy: India and Mongolia turning a new page in tiesFernando, Srimal
26-Jan-201970 years of Australia and Sri Lanka diplomacyFernando, Srimal; Rathnayake, Yashodha
30-Jan-201970 years of Australia and Sri Lanka diplomacy – analysisFernando, Srimal; Rathnayake, Yashodha (External)
16-Dec-201870 years on: UN declaration on human rights from the lens of victimologyFernando, Srimal; Nair, Vipin Vijay
30-Jan-201970 years together: Australia and Sri Lanka forging stronger relationsFernando, Srimal; Rathnayake, Yashodha
26-Jan-201970th Milestone of the Indian republic: building a new foreign policy partnership with Sri Lanka.Fernando, Srimal; Rathnayake, Yashodha
22-Jun-2019Afghan peace process: home grown solution holds the futureFernando, Srimal; Shams, Jalal
25-Feb-2019African development bank: making a big difference in AfricaFernando, Srimal
2018An alternative path to South Asian cooperation: fisheries diplomacyFernando, Srimal; O. P. Jindal Global University
24-Sep-2019Another look at Russia-Lanka foreign policy: An unwavering 60 years of diplomacyFernando, Srimal; Rathnayake, Yashodha Jayathmi
13-Feb-2019As India celebrates 70 years as a republic , Sri Lanka's role in solidifying these bondsFernando, Srimal; Nizar, Mizly
5-Jan-2018Bilateral trade and economic diplomacy: the future of Indo-Sri Lanka economic initiativesFernando, Srimal; O. P. Jindal Global University
7-May-2019Calm and confidence in Sri Lanka tourism recovering rapidlyFernando, Srimal; Bhana, Kirtan
2-May-2020Changes in Maldivian PoliticsFernando, Srimal
25-Dec-2019Contribution of fisheries sector to the economy of Sri LankaFernando, Srimal
4-Apr-2020Corona virus (COVID-19) impact on SAARC: New Challenges for India-Sri Lanka TradeFernando, Srimal
9-May-2020Coronavirus Impact on Sri Lankan and Maldivian EconomiesFernando, Srimal