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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2019Ambedkar’s thoughts on Indian Muslim society and politicsDey, Saumya
5-Oct-2018Anti-statism in the Indian media and academia: an investigation of sourcesDey, Saumya
5-Dec-2019Book Review: I read this new book on Sir Jadunath Sarkar and it leaves me with as many questions as it seeks to answerDey, Saumya
25-Oct-2018Brahman – a poem by Rabindranath TagoreDey, Saumya
Jun-2019The cultural landscape of Hindutva & other essays: Historical legitimacy of an ideaDey, Saumya
Apr-2018The cultural logic of Hindutva.Dey, Saumya
26-Apr-2019Forging the nation: the congress demand for representatives bodies and elite muslim anxietiesDey, Saumya
21-May-2020From Robbery to ‘Free Trade’: British Politics & Intensification of Colonial Exploitation of IndiaDey, Saumya
26-Aug-2019JNU the headquarters of the breaking India enterpriseDey, Saumya
Jun-2018A nineteenth century prehistory of PakistanDey, Saumya
15-May-2019The origins of cultural marxism: A concise accountDey, Saumya
18-Jan-2018The politics of British orientalism: evangelism and the Aryan-Dravidian dichotomyDey, Saumya
23-Oct-2018Tagore on the Rajputs: two translationsDey, Saumya
14-Feb-2020That Bogey called ‘Brahminism’Dey, Saumya
2018The Uneasy relationship of JNU and the Indian nation-stateDey, Saumya
30-Dec-2018Western foundations of the caste systemDey, Saumya
12-Dec-2019Why the left does not comprehend the Indian ‘felt community’Dey, Saumya